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Canon Optura Camcorder Quiz

Now your should be ready to take the Optura quiz. If you get all the questions correct you will be eligible to borrow a Canon Optura 50 camcorder from the Communication Technology Laboratory. The information on this page will be e-mailed to the lab office. The results of the test will be e-mailed back to you and, if you pass, you can call or come down to the lab office to provide the information we will need to start your record. If you already have a record with the lab it will be updated. Again, remember that these camcorders are for academic work and not for personal or commercial use.

Let's begin.

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1. What type of media will NOT work in the Optura camcorder?
  1. mini-DV tapes
  2. DVD-R disks
  3. Secure Digital memory cards
2. Which item is not usually provided in an Optura camcorder kit?
  1. video tape
  2. memory card
  3. batteries
3. You should always set the power switch to OFF on the camcorder when connecting the AC adaptor.
  1. Yes
  2. No
  3. There is no power switch
4. When you turn the camera ON for recording you set the Power Switch to what setting?
  1. Camera
  2. Play (VTR)
  3. Network
5. The camcorder is secured to the tripod through the use of a what?
  1. Magnet
  2. Set screw
  3. Quick release adaptor
6. The camcorder and the mini-DV tape decks in the lab share what speed?
  1. SP
  2. LP
  3. EP or XLP
7. To rewind the video tape and see the footage in the viewfinder as you rewind you must do what?
  1. Hold down Rewind in Play mode.
  2. Hold down Rewind in Stop mode.
  3. You can't see the picture in Rewind.
8. What is the easiest record mode to use on this camcorder?
  1. Auto
  2. Program
  3. Portrait
9. The program mode that allows you to change the Aperture while automatically adjusting for a proper exposure?
  1. Auto
  2. TV
  3. AV
10. Where do you find the control to change things like f-stop and shutter speed?
  1. Back of the camera
  2. Under the LCD screen
  3. In front, behind the LCD screen
11. What do you need if you want to see the video and audio from the camcorder on a monitor?
  1. AV cable
  2. Firewire cable
  3. You can't do that
12. You can listen to the audio through headphones while you are recording?
  1. Yes
  2. No
  3. Only in the correct output mode
13. From what do you get feedback about the charge level of your battery?
  1. A percent number
  2. A battery graphic
  3. A chime when it is low
14. When manually setting your focus you should do what before you adjust the focus ring?
  1. Zoom in all the way.
  2. Increase the aperture setting.
  3. Put the camcorder in Auto.
15. Where do you plug in an external microphone?
  1. A MIC input at the front
  2. An AV input at the back
  3. You can't use an external mic
When you think all the questions are answered correctly then click on Submit Quiz.

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